Essential Items to Protect Your Camera

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Everyone wants to avoid their camera breaking, if you don’t then you clearly don’t value your camera a lot! They are expensive pieces of equipment that we often form special bonds with, learning the ins and outs of the machine, attaching us to it. We want to avoid any damage so that we don’t have to get upset and spend a lot of money on a new one. Damage is unavoidable on a camera, but thankfully there are a few things you can buy to help reduce it.



Filters are like an attachment for your camera that sit neatly just in front of your lens. In actual fact they clip onto the side of your lens and provide protection and a better shot. Lens filters will always be able to protect your lens from dust and thumbs prints as they cover it completely, but are a “one use” form of protection against anything else. Lens filters are designed to break but not shatter when something hard hits it, meaning that it saves your real lens from getting broken as the shape of the filter stays the same. But due to the filter still breaking, it means that you cannot use it again. You can buy these here and are an excellent way to ensure that your camera lens stays safe! It also enhances your shots too, as if you needed another reason to get one.


Water Covers

Firstly, if you’re not going to be around water with your camera then don’t bother! It’s designed specifically for water protection, and if you’re not going to be around it then there is no point in owning one, however a lot of photographers do go to the water to take photos so listen up! These simple covers strap to your lens casing and then unfurl around the rest of your camera. People often don’t realize that water damage comes from water being exposed to the camera body itself as opposed to the lens, majority of the electrical parts are in the camera and lenses are replaceable, so by covering up your camera any kind of splash that come your way will be nullified! Check out FujiUser for some good advice on which one to get, the all vary in sizes and thickness so you must get one that suits your purpose otherwise you’ll be hindered by it!


Lens Hoods

Lens hoods are similar to filters in the sense that they clip onto your lens, but the similarities end there. Lens hoods offer protection from harsh angles, like straight down or up onto your lens. They give your lens a hood to prevent anything from bumping into it and possibly causing damage. They also provide a little bit of shade for your lens too which is always helpful! You can buy them from companies like Canon, just be careful when deciding which size because if it’s too big, just like the water cover, it will hinder you instead of help.

Getting all of these things is highly recommended if you’re going to be doing any kind of work that would be putting your camera in danger. If your camera breaks, not only will you have to buy a new one but you’ll have to stop the job you’re doing which is bad for business. If you’re looking for some different examples of photos taken with different lenses, go here and have a look!

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