6 Jobs That Let You Work and Travel

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More and more of us are realising that to count ourselves truly rich in life, we need more than just money. We need experiences and travel that feed our souls and a work life balance. So it’s little wonder there’s been a huge upswing in people seeking jobs that they can do from anywhere in the world. Remote working is becoming more and more popular and the digital economy, hi-speed wi-fi and cloud IT solutions become more commonplace. There are now increasing amounts of jobs you can do almost anywhere in the world – from sun-soaked beach in Brisbane to a pavement cafe in Paris. Here are the top occupations for digital nomads:


Virtual Assistant

Have you been a whizz at organizing your own travels? Then you could consider working as a ‘virtual’ executive assistant, helping remotely with tasks such as booking travel and meetings, organizing meetings and diaries and taking care of business. Sites such as Time Etc. take applications to work remotely, so you could be organizing that 9am meeting at 2pm on the beach.


Freelance Writing

Seeing the world from new perspectives and places is especially valuable in creative professions and ones that rely on judgement, such as writing. There’s a whole spectrum of writing work out there from compiling business reports to writing copy for websites, all at varying rates. Using freelancing sites like Upwork you can build a portfolio and bid for new business.


Graphic Design

Got mad Adobe InDesign skills? Working as a graphic designer could be the one. From designing the visuals and layouts for other businesses’ websites to looking for Concept Artist Jobs it’s another creative profession that lends itself to odd hours. All you need is the right software, an eye for the visual, good communications skills and access to your emails.



Have you acquired language skills in the course of your travels? Use them to earn money with translation work. From changing business reports, leaflets and flyers from one tongue to another, to offering virtual lessons teaching a language you can use your skills to work completely independently, fitting around your other commitments and interests seamlessly.


Freelance Accountant

Great with numbers? Accountants can work remotely from anywhere in the world, offering their services to lots of SMEs instead of being tied to one large employer. Managing payrolls, processing invoices, taking payments and making them and book keeping is a great occupation for those who are confident at multi-tasking and have an eye for detail.


Life Coach or Therapist

You may have thought that being in the ‘talking professions’ wasn’t something easily done remotely, but more and more platforms are now offering these services remotely- over smartphone apps and telephone or email based services, so if you’re qualified, there is no reason to be tied to one location. The same is true of other consultancy based services such as those of a dietitian, a marketing consultant, business development services and personal stylists. All of these services can be conducted remotely using collaborative software tools and emails.



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