A Cultural Hub: A Downtown Diversion To Dallas

File:Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden September 2017 12 (Lay Family Garden).jpg
Photo: Michael Barera

When you think of Texas, you think of big. Big everything. Cars, restaurants, portion sizes, roads, buildings, stadiums, museums and everything in between. The state got this reputation just because is damn-well pleased to make everything bigger than its neighbors. Though the size of the state and everything in it gets a lot of attention, it’s actually Dallas that holds a secret. It’s the cultural hub of the state, and not many people from outside the country know about it. Downtown Dallas especially is where the action all takes place. Here you will find a merger of the business district with the cultural aspects of the state. It doesn’t live up to the stereotype that you might think of as typical Texas. The Downtown district takes pride in its sense of modern culture with coffee shops, art galleries, music and sports stadiums and theater halls. With a population of around 1.2 million people, it’s easily one of the most fastest growing cities in the nation.

70 acres of beauty

Called ‘a tasteful place’ the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden are 70 acres of beautiful gardens, statues, ponds and stone pathways. It’s an incredibly peaceful part of the city; you almost forget where you are. There are mazes that are dark green showing a healthy sign of being well-cared for. The statues laden all around are reminiscent of classic sculptures you see in Europe. There are also ponds with rock formations that act as artificial waterfalls while little fishes swim about just underneath the surface. The gardens are intricate, their shapes and features precisely spaced. The flowerbeds mould well around the fields and pebble pathways. The first thing that strikes you right between the eyes is the fact that there’s so much rich color. The flowers and tree leaves are so vibrant and full of life. You can sit down on one of the benches and just listen to the birds chirping all day.


A sophisticated haven

After all the sightseeing every traveler needs a good place to relax in. The Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel is a modern, sophisticated hotel with an excellent reputation. Rated 4.3-stars by guests giving their opinion in reviews on Google, the elegant decor is only matched by the outstanding service by the staff. The hygiene is rated at a high 4.5-stars, and just short is the brilliant service at 4.3-stars. The business community surrounds the hotel with a telecom corridor running around the hotel. The lobby and the common room are chilled and laid back. The atmosphere is pure classic Texas, take your time to get comfortable and just lounge back; no pressure. In each of the accommodations are spacious, and all enjoy access to premium amenities. The R is the signature restaurant in the hotel that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cuisine is modern so that each dish will have a slightly metropolitan feel and taste but there are lots of options on the menus, so pick whatever tickles your taste buds.

What you usually think of when you consider Texas is big cars and perhaps big people. But things are changing, and Dallas is leading the way. Its gardens are sublime, so peaceful and give you a great hovel in which to be by yourself. The hotel is rated so highly for a reason; the overall experience is pure southern hospitality.


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