About Me

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Kristina, but affectionately known to most as Kaydo. I’m a freelance travel writer from Toronto, plagued by wanderlust and an intense desire to discover other cultures. Specializing in solo travel and travelling like a local, I share my unique and enriching experiences from my adventures on the road in order to intrigue, inspire, and motivate others to explore this beautiful world we live in.


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Check out my recent work for my publications in the Eden Life and Caribbean Bride magazines, as well as my contributions to the Goodlife Fitness Blog and the Calculated Traveller Magazine. Interested to learn more about how I can help your brand? Shoot me an email at travelwithkaydo@gmail.com.



Want to Know More? Here are some random, but somewhat informative, facts:

  • Number of Countries Visited: 23
  • Number of Destinations Visited: 91
  • Favourite Destination: It’s a tie! My all-time favourite is Barcelona (I’ve been 3 times), but my new favourite is Cusco, Peru. Two totally different destinations, which make it impossible to chose just one!
  • Most memorable Travel Moment: Sprawling out and sunbathing on the hidden cliffs in Ios, Greece without a soul in sight. We spent a few hours out there and heard nothing but crashing waves.
  • Travel Pet Peeves: When I see fellow travellers disrespecting the locals or not abiding by local customs. I truly believe that the purpose of travel is open one’s eyes to see how others live and respect their differences…otherwise, what’s the point?!
  • How often do I travel? I’m a part-time traveller. Meaning, I work full-time and hit the road every chance I get! I try to maximize each and every “vacation” I have to ensure it’s a meaningful travel experience. My goal is to show others that it is possible to work full-time and live a life of travel…not all travel has to be expensive – it’s possible travel on a budget but still experience a bit of luxury.
  • What’s my travel style? I travel slowly. What does that mean, you ask? Well, it means that I care less about ticking items off on a to-do list and more about what I’m experiencing. For example, when I went to Brazil, I spent 7 days in Rio de Janeiro alone just to try and live how the locals live. I didn’t even see all of the major tourist attractions, but for me, it was more about wandering around (somewhat aimlessly) to try and understand the local way of life.


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