The Best Of A Wurst Destination: Germany!


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When you are planning a trip around Europe, Germany should definitely feature on your list of locations. It’s such a huge country and has a totally unique culture, that you are sure to find plenty of interest in this exciting country. In fact, one of these awesome German highlights should help sway your decision to visit this beautiful country!


If there is one food that makes people think of Germany, it has to be sausage! The Germans are known for their love of Bratwurst, and this fried sausage in a bun should definitely be on your to-eat list. You’ll be able to order this delicious sausage in traditional restaurants or out on the streets at street-food vendor stalls. Have a good slurp of Senf (German mustard) on it too for a very authentic German meal!


Fairytale Castles

If you look at, you can see just how picture-perfect all of the castles in Germany are. They are dotted around the countryside, and it is really easy to stumble across one while you are hiking or spotting one out of the window while you are traveling by train. One of the country’s most famous is Neuschwanstein, which inspired the iconic Disney castle. Neuschwanstein is in the Romanesque Revival style and located in Bavaria. It’s opened to the public most days of the year, and is certainly well worth a visit.


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The Great Outdoors

The Germans love clearing their lungs of all the city air by going off for hikes and bike rides through all of the lovely countryside. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you might want to pick up some camping gear ideas from and head to one of the numerous camp sites. The Germans are keen outdoorsy people, so you can be sure that most areas of natural beauty will have plenty of campsites nearby.


Cosmopolitan Cities

If you aren’t too keen on heading out into the countryside, you can always stick with one of Germany’s cosmopolitan cities. The capital city, Berlin, is known for being a very hip party town that is also full of history. Hamburg has a laidback reputation and boasts a pretty harbor. There is a lot of history in Munich as well as some historic architecture. No matter which German city you visit, you are guaranteed to experience the best of German culture. If you have time, it’s worth fitting a couple into your travel schedule!



As well as all the sausage, you will also find that beer features very prominently in German culture. The traditional beer halls are extremely popular with both tourists and locals, and visiting will give you the chance to sample some traditional brews while listening to an authentic Oompah band. This also gives you the chance to chat to the locals and try and show off your language skills!


So, have I persuaded you to book a trip to Germany? Hope so – this is definitely one destination that you need to say a big ‘ja’ to!

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