Beyond Bali: 8 Reasons Why There’s So Much More To Indonesia

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When most people think of Indonesia, understandably their thoughts tend to turn to Bali (especially if those in question happen to be Australian). There’s a whole lot to love about Bali! The archipelago has offered outstanding views, cheap food and drink, a warm and vibrant atmosphere, and a population of smiling tourist friendly locals similar to those you might find in Thailand. But while it remains a mecca for holidaymakers from all over the world, it is merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Indonesia has to offer.

Indonesia is extraordinarily diverse both culturally and topographically drawing from Muslim and Buddhist historical and artistic influences. It’s made up of over 17,000 islands and its people and wildlife are the envy of many other parts of the world. The country has so much to offer both holidaymakers and (most recently) property investors. Like Thailand and Singapore, the country’s affordable yet beautiful and high spec properties have garnered the interest of property investors from the West and Middle East in recent years. With widespread interest increasing, though not yet to the extent of China or India, many feel that now is the best time to get in on the ground floor. If you’re interested in investing in Indonesian property check out this link The collection of islands is so bewitching and diverse that one could visit again and again and have a completely different experience every time.

There are many, many reasons why Indonesia is a great place to visit, but here are 8 just to get you started…


The orangutans of Borneo

Borneo is a fascinating part of Asia. Ownership of the island is shared between Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. It is a place of vast breadth and is the world’s third largest island (twice the size of Germany). Not only is it home to over 200 ethnic groups but it’s vast rainforests, estimated to be over 130 million years old, are home to some of the world’s most fascinating wildlife.

Borneo is the only place in the world besides Sumatra where you will find orangutans in their natural habitat and the higher primates truly are a wonder to behold. The semi-solitary tree dwellers may look majestic but the males are incredibly dangerous so be sure to book through a reputably safe (and ethical) tour guide if you want to see them. Orangutans also have the closest bond with their young of any non-human mammal so mother orangutans can also be unpredictable. The best and safest way to see these incredible creatures is to take a Klotok boat to the Camp Leakey Orangutan Rehabilitation Reserve which is located in Tanjung Puting National Park off the Sekonyer river.

Unfortunately Borneo’s incredible rainforest is not only a habitat for many wonderful creatures but the source of around 50% of the world’s timber. The tragic deforestation is causing habitat loss for not only orangutans but other incredible native creatures like the Asian elephant, the clouded leopard and the Sumatran rhinoceros. Click here to learn how you can help to combat deforestation and aid conservation in Borneo.


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Komodo dragons

Orangutans aren’t the only unique wildlife to grace Indonesia. The famous Komodo National Park plays host to the famous reptiles which draw tourists from all over the world. The majestic creatures are the largest reptiles in the world and are the closest living relatives to the dinosaurs. Indonesia is the only place in the world where these giants still roam wild, although they have a history of attacking and eating humans. Veteran thrill seekers should not approach Komodo dragons without the supervision of a park ranger.



Every vacation deserves a beach, and Indonesia offers some of the finest in the world. Like many islands in the space between the Indian and Pacific oceans, Indonesia’s thousands of islands have plenty of virginal white sand (or pink sands if you plan to visit the Komodo islands) and azure blue seas to boast as well as every activity you could hope to take place on them. You’ll find all manner of water sports from surfing to parasailing to riding a banana boat. Of course, if you’d rather lie back and enjoy the scenery while you soak up some fun, well that’s just fine too!


The natives

They say that Thailand is the land of smiles, but the Indonesians could give the Thais a run for their money. While the islands offer great ethnic and cultural diversity, the people are uniformly friendly, warm and welcoming. They tend to welcome tourists as they’re brimming with pride for their country and culture and love the prospect of sharing it with others.



You go to New York City if you want hustle and bustle, you go to Rome if you want history, you go to Tokyo if you want futurism, but those who come to Indonesia tend to want rest and relaxation in beautiful climes. Fortunately, whichever of her many islands you visit, you’ll be sure to find a pampering experience to remember with some luxurious yet extremely reasonably priced spas. Every form of pampering treatment is readily available from seaweed wraps to those tiny fish foot spas that recently gained worldwide popularity. If you want a massage at your hotel or even on the beach for the ultimate in relaxation, you’ll find more opportunities than you could shake a vial of ylang ylang oil at!


Scuba diving

As fascinating as the islands of Indonesia are on the land, there’s even more to explore under the sea. Scuba and snorkel enthusiasts will find heaven among these islands, whether seasoned veterans or wide eyed neophytes. Between the islands you’ll find 20% of the world’s coral and you’ll even be able to explore the skeletons of shipwrecks lying beneath the briny seas. If you come to Indonesia with a thirst for adventure, here’s where you’re most likely to find it.



The Indonesian culinary palette is both rich and diverse, with tastes to suit both the adventurous spice-a-holic and those with subtler tastes. Whatever you like to eat, you can find it here and gourmands can try something new for virtually every day of their trip. Some of Indonesia’s native delicacies are well known to the Western palate, others are not. Satay, for example, is commonly found here and this peanut and chilli based marinade is most commonly found on grilled skewers of chicken or lamb. Many westerners will also be familiar with the fried rice based nasi goreng. Jackfruit is currently undergoing a surge in popularity with many vegetarian dishes using it as a substitute for pulled pork due to its unique texture. The fruit is the key ingredient in gudeg which is one of the nation’s favorite dishes.

There’s also nothing the Indonesians can’t do with bananas and the volcanic soil grows some of the most delicious varieties in the world. They’re best enjoyed deep fried with a drizzling of chocolate (Pisang goreng).



Few places in the world can offer both rainforests and volcanoes, but hey welcome to Indonesia! The islands are located inside of the “Pacific” rim of fire and is amongst the most volcanic territories on the planet. Indonesia is host to no fewer than 150 volcanoes, including the famous and spectacular Mount Bromo. If you fancy throwing a dose of adventure in with your relaxation you can even climb this behemoth so long as you’re okay with climbing 250 steep concrete steps thronged with horses and gawping tourists. You can also choose to watch the sun go down over Mount Penanjakan for one of the most spectacular and unique views in the world.

Those are merely 8 reasons to fall in love with Indonesia, but visit her islands and you’ll discover a great many more for yourself.


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