Brazil Hotel Review: Iguacu Falls

Iguaçu Falls, Brazil

Destination: Iguaçu Falls, Brazil

Hotel Name: Rafain Palace Hotel & Convention Centre

Type: Resort, Family Hotels


Distance from Hotel to the Falls


There’s no question that Foz do Iguaçu doesn’t have much to offer outside of visiting the Falls, but it’s still nice to be situated in the heart of town, where there’s bound to be some type of action. Rafain Palace, most likely due to its large size, is quite a distance from both the airport and the Falls. Located on a busy service road adjacent to the highway, the hotel is a stark contrast to it’s industrial surroundings, offering no shops or restaurants within walking distance.


Dining Room - Breakfast Buffet
Dining Room – Breakfast Buffet

I visited Foz do Iguaçu on a weekend during Brazil’s high season, and paid approximately $100USD per night. This was of course well over my backpacker’s budget, but I couldn’t complain, as I received 5-star service and a delicious complimentary breakfast buffet (for which the dining staff was very accommodating of my nut allergy).



The rooms were quite spacious and well designed to provide a single occupant like myself with enough space to air out a backpack and all of its contents. My room was equipped with everything to make my stay comfortable: a safe, TV, dressing table, closet, and remote controlled air conditioning. Rafain’s interior room decor was unquestionably outdated, but I wasn’t expecting the Ritz-Carlton, so I didn’t mind.  The rooms were certainly clean and well maintained. Centralized in the main courtyard, was a large outdoor pool and hot tub, with a huge lounging area and bar. The free WiFi was only available on the main floor, which wasn’t exactly a huge inconvenience, as the few hours that I actually spent in the hotel were by the pool or the restaurant.

Target Clientele

Rafain Palace undoubtedly caters to families with small children. The pool was a huge attraction for kids, while the bar and lounge area was an even bigger attraction for their parents. Due to the price and atmosphere of the hotel, you would be hard pressed to find a backpacker or solo traveller here.

Overall Impression

As mentioned, Rafain is not my typical style of accommodation. I prefer the cheapest option, which is often a hole-in-the-wall dorm room. I do, however, allow myself to “splurge” for one or two nights on each trip, and Rafain Palace was the perfect choice. The combination of the service, amenities, cleanliness, and level of luxury certainly satisfied my needs, and was definitely commensurate with the price.

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Photo Credit: [Rafain Palace]


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