Guest Post: Smart Packing Tips for Women

smart packing tipsAnd we empathize, women. I’ve never encountered a man who’s having trouble packing light. Usually, it’s the ladies, myself included, who find packing daunting. And let’s admit it girls, clothes and beauty regimen paraphernalia take the most space in our packs.

Here are a few packing tips to lessen the load:

Think practical.

Before packing those clothes in your bag, think carefully whether you’ll be able to “really” use them, and some, repeatedly. Pants and shorts can be worn again, for one. As much as possible, choose those that can easily be paired such as neutrals. They are versatile and can be transformed to a whole new look simply by adding accessories.

Consider washing.

Extend the life of your wardrobe. Dedicate at least 10 minutes of your time every night to wash clothes and then let them dry. They must be ready for use the next day or the day after that. In this regard, it helps that you pick garments that dry easily, or that which do not require ironing to look decent. By looking into recycling your clothes, you also minimize volume of wet clothes you’re packing to back home. Your luggage will no doubt be lighter.

Study itinerary.

Many travelers I’ve met attest to using itinerary as an effective packing guide. They are able to see clearly which items to bring and are better left home. If you are scheduled to watch plays or operas then you will need at least a collared shirt and slacks or skirt, or a dress. If you will be spending most of your time in water then the lighter your luggage should be. Swimming attires are known for their fast-drying features.

Look into customs.

Are you going to a conservative place where women are expected to cover up?

You need not attract unnecessary attention. Again, your skin may already be a clear sign you’re not from the place. Baring too much skin, in addition, can only cause you problems or inconveniences when going up and about. For example, wearing shorts may be acceptable in the area. Still, you are likely to receive second glances. Blend in  with the locals by wearing pants or skirts that are at least just above the knee. Skip minis as much as possible.

The same goes for your tops. Beware of dress codes. You might not be allowed entrance in some areas when you’re showing off your shoulders or legs.

Overall, you will do well as long as you’re not offending anyone. Comfort is also another factor worth considering. Couple with manners, and you are most likely good to go.


Worried about looking dull or lifeless?smart packing tips

Use scarves, pashminas or scarves to accentuate your outfit. Cardigans as well do not only make good layers. They can also be worn as is. Forget about flashy jewelries. They have no place in your belongings during travels. Chances are you will only feel worried about them being lost in transit, thus getting in the way of you fully enjoying the travel experience.

Author Bio:

Nettie Gray loves collecting scarves and pashminas not only because of their beautiful designs but also due to their versatility. She’ll forget her essay writing drafts but, never would leave the house without a scarf in her bag.

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