Heading South this Winter? Tobago is Calling!

Tobago Island

As the temperatures outside drop, our minds naturally wander to warmer climates. Before the jackets and boots have come out of storage, many of us will have already hopped online to book a vacation down south. This year, why not try something different, like Tobago!

I had the pleasure of attending a wonderful event in Toronto where the Island of Tobago was brought to us for one night. Steel drums, traditional dancing, and rum tasting transformed an ordinary night in the city into a relaxing evening on the island. While I was there, I had the opportunity to learn about Tobago and how it embodies the perfect balance of an untapped tourist destination while providing all of the amenities and luxuries to create an unforgettable escape to paradise.


  • Tobago is the southernmost island of the Caribbean
  • Located only 21 miles from Trinidad – that’s a 20 minute plane ride, or a 2.5 hour ferry
  • It spans a mere 26 miles long and 7 miles wide

Map of Caribbean

5 Reasons to go to Tobago NOW:

  1. Unique Cultural Experience. Unlike the popular Caribbean destinations, which are bustling with big name chain hotels, Tobago boasts a wide array of charming and privately owned guesthouses, eco-hotels, and traditional luxury resorts.
  2. Satisfy Your Palate and Lime like the Locals. To lime is to kick back with friends while enjoying a good meal and some drinks. Tobago’s traditional cuisine is heavily influenced by their diverse population, namely their Indian and Creole restaurants that are not to be missed.
  3. Fun in the Sun. White sandy beaches and crystal blue water line the island’s Caribbean coast, painting the perfect picture of paradise.
  4. Get Adventurous. Tobago’s geographic position creates some of the best diving conditions in the Caribbean. Snorkeling, glass-bottom boat rides, and a wide variety of watersports are very popular activities off the shores of Tobago. Want to keep your feet out of the water? A large number of mountain biking and hiking trails are also available.
  5. Be Wild. From the deep waters of the Sea to the clouds in the sky, Tobago’s wildlife awaits you. Nurse sharks, manta rays, turtles, and a vast range of coral species can be observed under water, while some of the best birdwatching can be done from various heights throughout the island.

Ultimately, Tobago is a fantastic option for exploring the Caribbean in a unique way!

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