Really Rad Reasons To Rock Reykjavik

Northern Lights



As far as destinations go, Iceland may not top your bucket list. It’s cold, it’s far away, and it isn’t as appealing as mainland Europe. France has the Eiffel Tower, Spain has the Bull Run, and Britain has the Houses of Parliament – what does Iceland have? The answer is Reykjavik. As far as capital cities go, there aren’t many like this one in the world. Covered by ice, it’s a freezing metropolis which is a hub of people and culture. But, that isn’t the only reason to fly halfway across the world.

Here are the rad reasons to rock Reykjavik in your lifetime:

Aurora Borealis

The Aurora is a fancy name for the Northern Lights, the spectacular natural pyrotechnic show in the sky. It’s true that parts of Canada also get a ticket, as does Sweden, Norway and Finland and Russia. However, Iceland is the furthest north and that means the city gets swamped in solar flares. You could be walking the streets, eating dinner, or chilling at the hotel when the show begins. Yep, there’s no need for long treks into the wilderness because Reykjavik is already in the heart of the Arctic Circle!


Geyser Volcanoes

The lights aren’t the only natural phenomenon in Iceland. As a volcanic island, the whole country is surrounded by volcanoes, geysers, and hot springs. And, the best ones are a stone’s throw away from the capital city. Eyjafjallajökull is the country’s most famous volcano, mainly because it caused air travel chaos around the world. There is also Snæfellsjökull, a jaw-dropping sight that is nicknamed the ‘door to the center of the world.’ Finally, there’s Askja, a hot spring volcano which has a swimming area. To see any of these in your life would be special, but Reykjavik has access to all three and more.




Cheap Flights

According to Skyscanner, flights to Iceland are among the cheapest in the world. And, they can get even less expensive if you know the tricks of the trade. The key is to ask, what is the best credit card for airline miles? Once you figure out which airline hands out miles like hot cakes, you can exploit the promotion. Once you have enough points, you simply use them to upgrade or reduce the cost of an economy ticket. Flying to Northern Europe can be cheaper than an internal flight in the case of Reykjavik.



Reykjavik isn’t known for its cuisine, but there are lots of restaurants in the Michelin Guide. The one that stands out from the crowd is Vox, an establishment in the Hilton hotel. As a result, the atmosphere is luxurious and the scenery is pretty amazing. And, the food doesn’t disappoint either. The people in the know call it a ‘modern and creative’ place that is of a ‘good standard.’  An eatery that is well worth a gander is Matur & Drykkur. Based on old, indigenous recipes, the chefs add a twist to mix the past with the present. The value is excellent, too.


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