The 9 Best Places to Go RV Camping in Australia

RV camping refers to outdoor activity that involves a trailer and a motor vehicle.

A trailer can be a mobile house where people can sleep, cook, and dine. Such mobile house usually contains a mini kitchen, foldable bed, cupboards, mini toilet, countertop, and foldable double decks. RV camping is very popular in Australia because of the country’s vast land area, lush forests, and numerous recreational parks and wildlife locations.

Here are the best places to go camping with your recreational vehicle, camping gear, and camping equipment.

1.      Lake Moogerah, Queensland

This place, located north of Mount Barney National Park in the southeast region of Queensland and 100 km southwest of Brisbane, features a shoreline that is suited for RV camping. You could find churches, schools, youth groups, barbecue stations, playgrounds, toilets, and sports clubs within the area. You can enjoy activities such as bushwalking and climbing here.

2. Kalbarri, Western Australia

  Located 154 km north of Geraldton and 485 km north of Perth, Kalbarri features a resort town where you can do activities beyond RV camping such as Wagoe Beach Quad bike tours, scenic flights, Corsaire aviation, rainbow jungle, and Autopia tours. Visit the place where the Indian Ocean and Murchison River meet. One notable place in Kalbarri is the Pink Lake situated in Goldfields-Esperance. This lake has a surface area of 99 hectares and a length of 4 km. A carotenoid-producing algae called Dunaliella salina is responsible for the pink appearance. The colour actually changes from bubble-gum pink to lilac to red.

Kalbarri also features Tumblagooda Sandstone, which contains the fossils of ancient insects that lived there a long time ago. Another landmark is the Nature’s Window, a rock arch that frames the river. Among the activities you can do here are canoeing, kayaking, camping, and trail hiking.

3.      Port Fairy, Victoria

It is a coastal town located 29 km west of Warrnambool, 75 km east of Portland, and 293 km of Melbourne and Great Ocean Road. You can enjoy RV camping in this area which is known for its picturesque sceneries and numerous activity choices such as historical walks to 50 historic buildings.  The town’s history can be traced back to 1859.

You can also visit Griffiths Island which has the Mutton Bird Viewing point. Watching birds in this area is best between September and April at dusk. You may also want to visit the ANZ Bank which was established in 1856 and the Emoh at 8 Cox Street which is a merchant home.

Other special interests you can visit within the comfort and safety of your RV base is the Lady Julia Percy Island (a volcanic outcrop 17 km from Port Fairy), the Woodbine (the home of Charles Mills who is the original settler of Fort Fairy), Battery Hill and Fort (dates back to the 1860s), and St. Patrick’s Church (the town’s first Catholic church).

4.    Ayers Rock or Uluru National Park

This is an iconic Australian landmark located in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. You can enjoy this place as a family, as a group, or even alone. Uluru/Ayers Rock features a circumference of 9.4 km and a height of 348 metres. It is situated 443 km from Alice Springs. Given its immense size and circumference, you can enjoy venturing around the rock and use the park amenities. For more info, visit

5.    Cape Tribulation Daintree National Park

Located at 2333 Cape Tribulation Road in the north of Queensland, Cape Tribulation offers a hiking trail surrounded by a lush forest and camping areas at Noach Beach. It is a good place for stargazing. Explore the Marrja Boardwalk via its mangroves and rainforest and the Mount Sorrow Ridge Trail. Nearby parks include the Cedar Bay National Park and the Monkhouse Timber Reserve. Facilities include a picnic area, public toilets, coach parking, and car park.

6.    Poeppel Corner in Simpson Desert National Park, Qld.

If you want to camp in a desert, this is the best place. The Simpson Desert covers more than 17 million hectares in central Australia. You can find the Poeppel Corner at the junction of NT/s Simpson Desert Regional Reserve and SA’s Simpson Desert Conservation Park.

7.      Wycliffe Well Holiday Park, NT

If you wonder about UFOs, numerous sightings have been reported in this place since World War II. Wycliffe Well is located between Tennant Creek and Wycliffe Well in the Northern Territory. The place is akin to the United States’ Roswell or Area 51. Ensure to bring an inverter generator and other camping supplies such as lighting, video camera, and refractor or reflector telescope for star or UFO gazing.

8.    Narawntapu National Park

Referred to as the Serengeti of Tasmania, this place abounds with common wombats, Bennett’s wallabies, and pademelons (a small marsupial similar to kangaroo) which are best seen at dusk. You can find the Narawntapu National Park at 1349 Bakers Beach Rd, Bakers Beach TAS, east of Devonport, and northwest of Launceston.

9.    Le Grand National Bay

If you prefer white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters surrounded by flora and fauna, head on to Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand, National Park, WA which is located 56 km east of Esperance and 631 km southeast of Perth. This place is known for beautiful beaches such as Le Grand Beach, Rossiter Bay, Lucky Bay, and Thistle Cove.

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