Why It Is A Great Idea to Take a Camping Trip to Portugal

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Portugal offers loads to explore for everyone. From historic sites to fashion outlets, diving centers, and great beaches, you will find something to inspire you no matter which part you are planning to visit. From small fishing villages to Porto and Faro’s urban streets and heritage quarters, visiting Portugal is a great idea. Below you will find a few reasons why you should take your camping equipment and find accommodation under the stars.

More Space and Freedom

From the time the weather turns warm in Portugal until the first frost, hotels are bursting with visitors from all over Europe. August is the busiest month, as this is when Germans, Belgians, and Austrians get their yearly leave. Some companies actually completely shut in August in Western Europe. Therefore, if you would like to avoid the crowd in Portugal, you might want to find a camping site far from the main tourist strips.


Remote Locations

There are some great locations that are lesser known to the tourist crowds, and are well worth exploring. You can find a small fishing village with a campsite on the outskirts where you can have the freedom to experience life as it is in the countryside. For example, you can visit Camping Salgueiros  which is great in the winter, as well as in the summer, and is located in the rural North of the country.

Five Star Camping Facilities

Apart from basic campsites only accommodating tents, there are some five star facilities with restaurants, shops, massage, spa, and glamping huts. You might need to hire a car or a caravan for the journey, but getting close to nature, enrolling for a weeklong yoga course, or simply hopping on the bus and seeing where it takes you will help you connect with the real spirit of Portugal.


Pristine Beaches  

Image via Adam Smigielski


You can find some of the best beaches when you go camping in Portugal. Thanks to the great public transport of Portugal, you can take a trip to Lisbon and treat yourself to a shopping spree. You will find that most of the buses take you to a train station that will go straight to one of the large cities of Portugal. When you had enough of swimming and sunbathing, you can take a day off the sun and get to know the culture of the country.  


Spectacular Mountains

Image via Chris Schog


Those who would like to get close to nature will find plenty of great camping sites in the mountains, such as the Lima Escape. Visit the North to explore some of the best natural reserves of the country. You might need to be prepared for fewer facilities, so it is important that you take your basic cooking and cooling equipment, as some of the sites are miles from the next village. You can click for more information on the camping equipment you will need for remote locations.

For most people Portugal is all about luxury beach hotels and seaside apartments. If you would like to avoid the tourist traps, make sure you check out some of the best camping facilities in Europe on your next visit.


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