Why You’ve Just Gotta Visit Malaysia!

If you have enjoyed travelling around other parts of Asia, Malaysia is a great choice for your next trip. There are literally hundreds of reason for this, but some of the most appealing are listed below. Just beware, as if you read them, you may find yourself heading straight to a travel agent to book your flight as soon as you can!


Malaysia is an incredibly spiritual place to visit, especially as its residents follow a diverse range of religions such as Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity. This means it a wonderful choice for those interested in the spiritual side of life because there are many mosques, temples, and churches to visit there.

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In particular, the Batu Caves just outside of Kuala Lumpur are a good choice. Built by Hindus in 1891 these cave host a whole network of temples and have a huge staircase carved out of the rock and guarded by a golden statue that you can use to access them. Just be aware though that while the steps are of a normal height, there are a lot of them.  In Kuala Lumpur’s hot and humid client this can make the ascent pretty challenging, so take some water and allow yourself enough time if you are going to attempt them. Then there is the Putra Mosque in Putrajaya that is well worth paying a visit too. It’s a modern building that combines contemporary Islamic architecture with more traditionally Moorish features. In particular look out for the beautiful decorations on the dome.


Amazing food

Like many other areas of Asia, the food in Malaysia is quite wonderful and definitely worth sampling whenever you get the chance. The most famous dish that comes in meat, seafood and vegetable varieties is a hot and spicy coconut soup called laksa. This is something that you can find served throughout the country, although arguably the best place to sample such a delight is The Lemon Grass Cafe in Miri.  

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Then there is char kway teow or Penang noodles to taste as well. This is a dish made with rice noodles and a variety of vegetables and proteins most often bean sprouts and prawns, as well as various seasonings such as soy sauce, chives, and chilli that are added for flavour. It’s a savoury and filling dish that is healthy and inexpensive. Unsurprising the best place to try this dish is in the city of Penang with Ah Leng Char Koay Teow being regarded as the top of the pile when it comes to places to eat char kway teow.

Low-cost accommodation  

One of the key reasons that Malaysia is such a good choice for a vacation is that once you arrive there the cost of living is incredibly reasonable. That means in the capital city Kuala Lumpur you can get a luxury five-star hotel room for as little as $120 a night, not bad eh? Of course, if you want to spend less than this you can easily, and still be guaranteed a clean and modern hotel in one of Malaysia’s cities. There are other options that are available to you if you want to stay for a longer duration as well. Such as these houses for rent in Penang, that are fully furnished and serviced, as well as the option of booking a room or whole apartment through a broker like airBnB. However, if you are someone that is particularly concerned with getting a truly authentic experience of what it is like to live in a place, then being hosted by a local family may be a better choice. There are plenty of websites that can connect you with a host family in Malaysia too so you can allow yourself to become truly absorbed in the culture and experience of this magical country.



The reason that many people choose to visit Malaysia is the amazing selection of wildlife that is present in this country. This is large to do with its location near to the equator, with the hot and humid climate being the perfect environment for many exotic and interesting species.

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In particular, in Borneo, you will find amazing primates like orangutans, as well as slight comical looking proboscis monkey. It is also an area full of dense and lush jungle, meaning that it is home to indigenous bird species such as Bornean Bristlehead and a large range of bats.

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To experience this in the best way many visitors book an organised tour that has them staying in rustic lodges out in the jungle overnight. While the days are spent exploring and encountering flora and fauna that for most people,  is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Another very popular, yet sadly endangered animal that is a resident of Malaysia is the tiger. These huge cats are found on the Malay Peninsula, although there is some debate currently, over whether it is even possible to see some of the incredibly low population of around 500 tigers that still live here. Something that means it’s vital to do extensive research before deciding to make a trip to the area for this reason alone.



The architecture in Malaysia is world famous for its quality and range and is often cited as one of the chief reasons that people choose to visit the country. Throughout Malaysia, you will find a mix of modern, and older Islamic buildings, colonial architecture and more traditional Asian buildings such as temples. Kuala Lumpur is perhaps the best place to see the contrast of all three in fairly close proximity. With the city centre being full of huge modern building and skyscrapers, and the older and outer suburbs of the city housing traditional Asian and colonial properties. Visit the Petronas Towers and the National Mosque of Malaysia in particular for the modern Islamic feel. While the Thean Hou Temple and Khoo Kongsi are a good example of traditional Asian style buildings and the Fort Cornwallis is known as the best colonial style location.



The massive biodiversity of the seas around the shores of Malaysia also encourage many visitors every year. There are so many dives it to choose from as well it can be difficult to pick which one to do first!

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For divers looking for rays, and massive schools of fish then Layang-Layang Island is a good bet. Don’t expect it to be too grand on land though, as it’s a pretty basic place with only a few facilities. However, it’s pretty easy to forget that once you are underwater because the remote nature of the place means that the marine environment is affected very little but humans. Something that makes is a wonderful site to dive in. For those that want to combine seeing the marine life with learning how to scuba dive, Redang Island is the perfect location to choose. This is because it located within an official marine park, and there are many providers offering diving courses from the beginner level. There is also proper resort there as well with hotels and restaurants, so it’s a good place to combine your dive with the more traditional aspects of a vacation.


Wide Open Spaces

Last, of all, you cannot ignore that Malaysia is one of the most brilliant places on earth in which to experience truly wide open spaces. That makes it a wonderful place for hiking enthusiasts. Bukit Broga is particularly popular as its 400m hill that can be climbed to provide amazing views of the local rural area. Bukit Broga is a 400m hill that makes a fantastic spot to view the surrounding countryside.

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Although, for more advanced hikers and climber there is the peak of Mount Kinabalu to scale. Something that is challenging, but a very worthwhile reason to visit Malaysia if physical activity, combined with stunning wilderness is what you are looking for.

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