Mountains, Migrations And Maji Maji In Kenya

What is it that makes a truly great vacation spot? For some people, it’s the chance to catch some rays on the beach. For others, it’s a world-class hotel with all the little extras you could wish for. But for many, it’s about finding a trip that you simply won’t be able to replicate elsewhere in the world. It’s finding the gems of the world, whether it’s the temples of Thailand or the Grand Canyon. If you want something that can’t be replicated, then perhaps the best place to visit is Kenya, and here’s why:

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The Mountains

There are two mountains in particular that dominate the skyline of Kenya. In the north, the plains stretch for miles, but the horizon is overshadowed by Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. The second-biggest isn’t all that far off, either. Mt. Kenya attracts loads of visitors and not just because you can climb it if you’re daring enough. The Mt. Kenya national park surrounding is full of caves, waterfalls, and dirt trails that can take you from one wildly varying landscape to the next. Glaciers, mineral springs, slopes that take on an astral beauty just as the sunrise creates a sky of breathtaking hues. 

The Migrations

When you think of a trip to Africa, you obviously have to consider the wildlife that you simply can’t see anywhere else. Seeing a wild lion on the hunt doesn’t compare to seeing them in a zoo. Similarly, seeing a single wildebeest doesn’t compare to the annual drama that plays out on a Masai Mara safari. A natural event as old as the land itself, you can see thousands at them in certain points of the year, with over 1.5 million completing the journey annually. Even if you catch it a little late, you can see many of the migrating herd hanging out with the stragglers that live on the plain all year round.

The Maji Maji

If you’re visiting Kenya, you might want a little trip out of the wilds as well. Nairobi is a sprawling metropolis with a rich culture of its own. Uhuru Park is easily one of the most beautiful city parks in the world, but it’s well worth a trip to the village market to get all the buzz of the city. Just be vigilant with how much you spend as there are Maasai markets everywhere, with vendors who are quick to charge a fortune. But one of the best reasons to stick to the city is some of the food, including the delicious maji maji grilling of Roadhouse, where you can eat nyama choma, the unofficial national dish consisting of little more than some lovingly prepared meats, including ostrich, crocodile, and camel.

It’s an entirely different kind of life in Kenya. It’s a life where astounding natural beauty is rarely more than a day’s trip away, where wild beasts still rule many parts of the land, and where you can get some fine eats surrounded by friendly locals.

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